The Beginning: Project Venom

When you guys asked us to think about making energy drinks for gamers, a small passionate group at Razer was already tinkering with that idea—the brains behind Project Venom, an April Fool’s joke in 2010 that became a viral sensation. With enthusiasm and interest following its success, Project Venom became the springboard that saw more and more people within Razer’s ranks join the cause.

Research & Development

As serious development and testing began, it wasn’t long before the team found a flaw and gap in the competition: most energy drinks that offer a boost in physical energy are followed by the body crashing after the intense energy high—but few focus on the mental alertness required of esports athletes and gamers. It was then, that the ultimate goal for RESPAWN was realized: a beverage to deliver alertness and focus, without the drawbacks of the sugar or taurine commonly found in energy drinks. Late 2017 saw our testing begin amongst gamers, and what started out as a community-driven passion quickly became something much bigger, in a commitment to improving the gamer ecosystem further.

Introducing RESPAWN

RESPAWN is now a standalone spin-off from Razer, with a dedicated team focused on bringing mental performance to all gamers.